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Misty Isle Gin is inspired by The Isle of Skye. We have crafted this smooth and sensual Gin to embody its place of origin. Married with crystal-clear waters and the right balance of the finest botanicals, foraged from the beautiful Isle of Skye. Misty Isle Gin truly captures the ‘Spirit of Skye’.
Our Juniper and other botanicals are slowly distilled in copper pot stills, vapour infused with carefully selected botanicals.  We include coriander, angelica, orris, grains of paradise and lemon to name a few. One botanical however is kept under wraps and only found at altitude on the Isle of Skye.

Misty Isle Pink Gin is carefully distilled to 41.5% ABV with fruits that have been grown in our distillery garden on the Isle of Skye. This fruity ‘Old Tom’ is full of flavour and packed with fruit. Included are pears, blackcurrants, meadowsweet and raspberries; all from the our gardens. This gin is purely pot-infused and the fruits are soaked for at least a week prior to distilling to bring the most out of the delicate flavours. An “Old Tom” Gin is a slightly sweeter gin style that was fashionable in the 18th Century. It has recently become popular again.

Misty Isle Cill Targhlain Gin is a London Dry style (42% ABV) that pays tribute to our hometown of Portree. This superb Skye Gin is carefully handcrafted and distilled with Sea Orach.  This little salt-bush’s leaves have been gathered from the shores of Loch Portree. In olden times, the village of Portree was known as Kiltaraglen or Cill Targhlain in the Gaelic. The current name of “Portree”, translates to Kings Port. The name was given to the town by  King James V of Scotland on his visit to the island in 1540. Tasting notes include juniper, homegrown coriander seeds, angelica root, blueberries and meadowsweet stalks.