Introducing our new pink gin!

Constantly asked, ‘Do you have any Pink Gin?’, and replying, ‘Gin’s supposed to be clear!’ We buckled!!!!

This recipe was concocted alongside gin school classes, just mucking about really and trying to impress the attendees! As it’s a gin school, Alistair teaches how to make gin but also a little history of gin. Rather than just filling a batch with raspberries to make it pink, he decided lets go for an Old Tom style.

Our mother's garden is full of wild botanicals that grow alongside the next door neighbours hedgerow, so we thought, why not use them. Wild Raspberries, black currants, meadowsweet and pears , off the very weedy looking pear tree, launched Misty Isle PINK Gin in an Old Tom Style.

If you are after a fruity style gin with a lot of punch, this is for you. The deep pink colour is enough to get your taste buds tingling.

At 41.5% you get plenty of bang for your buck!

A few blueburries and a good Scottish tonic gives you the perfect serve.
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