It is with great delight that The Skye Times broke a feature on our new distillery. The edited article is below.  

Skye could be set to get its very first handcrafted gin distillery and it would be based virtually in the heart of Portree

Brothers Thomas and Alistair Wilson have come up with the ambitious plan which would see the creation of their very own micro-distillery sited on land owned by the family at Hillfoot on Viewfield Road.

If planning permission is given the new gin production unit, to be run by the brothers’ Isle of Skye Distillers Ltd would likely see building work on the new premises begin almost immediately with the first production taking place by the end of the year.

In their submission to Highland Council, the Wilsons say: “The craft gin market has grown dramatically in recent years within the UK particularly in the Highlands. Gin is the 4th most popular spirit in the UK with 70% being produced in Scotland. Edinburgh drinks more gin per head of population than any other UK city.

“The key difference between commercial brands and craft gin producers being that craft gin uses individual, unique recipes while commercial brands use a mix of spirit distillations. Craft production of alcoholic drinks has shown a strong growth in recent years, a trend that appears to be sustaining”.

“Currently within Scotland, there are 17 Craft Gin distilleries registered on “The Scotland Gin Trail” each with their own exclusive story. The majority of these distilleries are in the east of Scotland and the central belt with only 4 being located in the Highlands.”

To set the company apart from others the brothers are also investigating the possibility of producing a “gluten free” gin which no other distillery does at the present time.

If the scheme does go ahead the distillery’s first year production would aim to produce 10,000 bottles, which would grow to 25,000 by year three.

Our picture is of Alistair and Thomas collecting/foraging local botanicals.

If  you want to read the full text it is published here:

The Skye Times 22/08/16