Isle of Skye Distillers Misty Isle Spookily Spiced Gin.  Limited Edition Halloween Gin.  40% ABV. 70cl bottle.  Made of the Isle Of Skye and distilled in small batches.  Halloween gin.  Infused with the spirits of Skye.

Misty Isle Spookily Spiced Gin

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Mysterious and wild, Skye is a land intertwined with legends.  Carefully hand-crafted at our distillery in Portree, our Limited Edition Spookily Spiced Gin is infused with the ‘Spirits of Skye’.

40% ABV

When next travelling on a dark and eerie night across Skye, be sure to watch out for the ‘Ghost Car’ – rumoured to be a 1934 Austin.

Reported by many, the rumoured car is said to race along overtaking, before simply vanishing into the night.  Full of mystery and legends, our island home is the inspiration for our premium craft gins. 

Enjoy notes of spicy pumpkin seeds and aromatic citrus with hints of vanilla.  Serve with a premium Scottish tonic water and garnish with a slice of orange to enhance the spooky spices.